We’ll deliver top industry professionals who are ready to hit the ground running and make an immediate impact. Simply tell us what type of candidate you are looking for by using the form to the right, and we’ll connect you with the key players in your industry.

Contract Staffing is a great way to increase your workforce flexibility while minimizing cost and risk. Whether you need a scalable workforce for a big project, the ability to accommodate seasonal changes, or just prefer to minimize your exposure to employment liability, our Contract/Staffing services can help you achieve your goal.

We’ll deliver top industry professionals who are ready to hit the ground running and make an immediate impact. Simply tell us what type of candidate you are looking for by using the form to the right, and we’ll connect you with the key players in your industry.

Contract/Staffing Overview:

Market fluctuation, seasonal changes, and project-driven environments demand workforce flexibility. Global Talent Solutions’ Contract/Staffing services are designed to increase your business’s workforce flexibility while minimizing the cost and risk associated with on-boarding permanent staff.

“Why use contracting/staffing services?” Three simple words come to mind: Cost, Flexibility, and Risk.

Our contracting services reduce employment costs by allowing our clients to only pay for the skills they need, when they need them, with very little training or ramp-up time. Working within a budget constraint or during a hiring freeze? Contracting is a cost effective way to get the job done. Plus, Global Talent Solutions, Inc.’s contract/staffing services eliminate the traditional costs for our clients such as healthcare, payroll, etc…

Global Talent Solutions’ contract/staffing services offer a tremendous amount of workforce flexibility to complete projects and meet deadlines. Our contract-to-direct hire option provides additional flexibility by allowing our clients to “try” the candidate before “buying” as a direct hire. In today’s changing economy, flexibility is often the key to success.

Our contract/staffing services also eliminate the risk that is tied to workers’ compensation, unemployment, benefits, and the liability/exposure related to having traditional employees.

Temporary Staffing:
Finding individuals who can add value to your organization from day one is the core focus of our recruiting process. Global Talent Solutions provides access to a large pool of highly skilled candidates across a wide range of verticals. In addition, we identify and recruit new candidates on a per assignment basis ensuring that each candidate is able to meet specific client needs.

Quickly increase or decrease your workforce to accommodate business ebbs and flows while controlling costs. Global Talent Solutions’ contract/staffing services reduce the costs associated with long-term compensation, taxes, retirement, benefits, and hiring.

We work as an extension of your team to ensure that your workforce strategies are fully supported.

Temporary-To-Permanent Staffing:
The best way to predict an individual’s ability to succeed within your organization is to observe that person on the job, interacting with your customers, and communicating with other employees. Our temp-to-perm service allows you to develop a clear understanding of each candidate’s skills and capabilities by evaluating them, in action, on the job, and on your own terms.

Advantages of Contract Staffing:

Reduced Employment Costs
• No Workers’ compensation exposure or claims
• No employee benefits costs for medical, dental, vision, life, and 401(k)
• No added expense for holidays, vacations, sick time, etc…
• No administration costs associated with payroll withholdings, filings, and reportings
• Minimized risk of IRS and state audits because of worker misclassification

Staffing Flexibility

• Match staffing levels to your workload and project requirements
• Quick hiring process vs. lengthy direct placement cycle
• Option to terminate contract placement at any time
• Acquire needed resources through a standard purchase order versus capital budget

Sole-Source Staffing Ability

• Decrease the number of staffing/ recruiting vendors
• Simplify invoice payment processing
• One-stop shopping for all your staffing needs

Temp-to-Direct Conversions (Try Before You Buy)
• Interview and assess the real skills during the contract period
• Evaluate how the candidate fits your corporate culture

Maintain Budget Controls
• Accelerate the pace at which projects reach completion
• Secure labor needed for projects through a purchase order
• Eliminate unnecessary overhead

Improved Performance and Cost Savings

• Only the top performers transition to permanent employees
• Employees who do make the transition to permanent status already know the job and your company
• Transitioned employees are more likely to be high performers and advance quickly
• Turnover is greatly reduced
• Recruiting costs are reduced
• Workload is being met during the hiring process
• Time-to-hire is greatly reduced


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